Novo artigo do projeto ‘Jornalistas Europeus e o Mar’

The media play an important role in informing us about new developments in our understanding of the sea and raising awareness about its sustainability. However, press coverage of marine issues seems to be modest, compared with the importance oceans have in our lives. In this study, we examine science journalists’ working contexts, motivations, and difficulties in writing about the sea in Europe. We conducted semistructured interviews with 26 journalists who write for quality newspapers from 13 European countries. We found that the recent production of press news on marine issues is mainly conditioned by working contexts in newspapers, the personal and professional interests of journalists, and the available resources to write news. More studies are needed to compare our findings, including with other regions outside Europe.


Bruno Pinto and Ana Matias


European newspapers; marine issues; qualitative analysis; science journalism


Published online:
30 November 2022